Siegert's PhotoGraphics

        I was born in Pocatello Idaho. Spent my early childhood in Texas till the age of 9, grew up in Alaska till the age of 28, and lived in Honolulu Hawaii for 26 years. I have now lived in southern California for 13 years. Yes, that's quite a spread of time and geography.

I grew up with a single mom and two sisters. My mom always had a little cheap film camera in her purse. She was not a pro shooter but she loved to capture a moment on film. Needless to say, we have lots of pictures of my childhood.

I never was that much into photography before I moved to Hawaii. I had a strong background in Auto and Small Engine repair, and thought that was where my future was headed.

     Well, once I got established in HI. I couldn't find a postion for mechanic work. I ended up working for a One Hour Photo Lab near the beach.

I'll spare you all the details in the years after that, but what I will say is from that point on, I started to develop a love for not just photography, but the process of going from a negative to a print. I loved the feeling of re-creating a “moment in time” on a sheet of paper. So I really got wrapped up in the developing process. I didn't get into professional photography till a few more years down the road.

I eventually got a job working with a local newspaper as a Product and Real Estate photographer in 1995. Soon after I was introduced to the digital photography world and Adobe Photoshop editing.

In the years following I've developed photography skills and techniques in digital format. Of course I've totally fallen in love with the editing abilities of Photoshop. I've spent most of the last 28 years, learning as much as I could about this photographic art.  My passion if you will.

     So, you could say, I've gained my knowledge in a backwards way. I became proficient in the editing and developing of an image before I became professional with a camera. I think this works to my advantage because it's easy for me to see, or imagine, the finished image in my head when composing the shot.

While in Hawaii, along with my business of “Siegert's PhotoGraphics” I've also worked for the Honolulu Academy of Arts, a fine art museum, as a Digital Imaging Specialist. I would digitally document Asian art pieces for archive and archive them on a locally based server. They now can be studied on computer by students and scholars at the museum, as well as to the world via internet. It was with great pleasure to work at the museum for 6 years and acomplish documenting collections of over 18,000 images while I was there.

     At this point in my career I'm happy to say I've experienced many challenging photography situations, on location and in the studio. This would include photographing fine art, products, real estate, live models, and everything in-between. With this and my ability to jump from the camera to the computer to edit images gives me an edge I'm very proud of. It also keeps the workflow moving smooth and proficiently.

     Digital imaging has been very rewarding and  has developed into a great passion of mine.

My tools of choice are:

Nikon D3

Nikon 800

Nikon 810

Nikon 850

Nikon Lens 70-200mm f2.8                                     Nikon Lens 28-105mm 3.5

Nikon Lens 24-70mm f2.8                                       Nikon Lens 18-35mm 3.5

Nikon Lens 28-85mm 3.5                                        Nikon 105mm Micro 2.8

SB-800, SB-28, SB-5000 and (3) SB900 flashes

Dyno-Lite lighting system, 2000w power pack w/three 4040 heads.

Adobe Full Subscription

Photoshop 2023

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Epson 3880 17in. inkjet printer

A few facts about Tim, A brief Bio