Canada/Alaska Day 5

Monday, June 26, 2023 3:57 AM

While Im waiting for clips to load up, (been having problems lately with video) I’ll write a short paragraph. 

Today was rough. The roads up to Whitehorse were not that bad. At times they were perfect. But today,, OMG! VERY BAD. Frost heaves, huge pot -holes and washboard loose gravel. Then combine them all. I hated the places where you could tell the road had been pulled apart by frozen areas that thaw and freeze over and over, leaving a Ditch if you will that you have to drive over. Your tire more or less falls into the gap and then abruptly ends and you slam-bang out of it. Over and over and over. Nerve racking! I have an awesome little truck that just took the abuse. I’ve apologized repeatedly. 

I made it to Tok Alaska and will be staying the night. Only 350 more miles and I’ll be home! Anchorage AK. If I’ve fogotten to send you my new address, let me know I’ll get it to you.

Today’s clips

Sorry the last clip’s orientation is so weird!!