Canada Day 4

Sunday, June 25, 2023 8:22 PM

Got up and got started this morning from Dease Lake. Was warned by clerk that I should get gas across the street before trip because it will be a LONG stretch until next gas station. So I did. The guy at station came out and said the pumps were not taking American cards outside, so I went in. I cracked a joke and said, “Wow, do I look that much like a Californian??” chuckling. He didn’t even crack a smile and said, “no, I look at plates, they just don’t work at the pump.” Ok….

Well the stretch today I saw every kind of road condition. From super smooth highways to little narrow gravel stretches that had me thinking I had miss a turn somewhere and was on someones driveway.

Got into “White Horse” CAN. this afternoon at 4:30pm! Covering a good 425 mi. I’m just short 380mi to Alaska, USA border. Yay! If I play my cards right, I should make it to Tok Alaska tomorrow night. From there, I should be able to make it to Anchorage the next day. “hopefully”!

Wildlife Watch!  Today I saw two young black bears, in two different places. Two foxes, two different places. A porcupine watching cars go by and a moose in a lake. Sorry, haven’t made a clip lately. I hate the way I look at end of day. Old and Tired. Maybe tomorrow from Truck!