Canada Day 1

Friday, June 23, 2023 7:15 PM

Day One in Canada!

Was a little nervous going to the border crossing WA./CAN. Rolled up to booth and spoke with Lady Border Officer. She was very stern and had quite a few questions. I surprised myself that I could answer all of them with no problem and with honesty. She was the only officer on duty that I could see. She finally handed me my drivers license and passport back and said you free to proceed. Yay!

So, I guess because of the busy rush hour traffic and chaotic drivers I got turned around and got temporarily got lost. About 3 miles out of my way. Thank goodness for iPad, it told me how to get back on track.I left Bellingham at 7am and arrived in a little town called "100 Mile House". Yep, really, it was really called that. Traveled about 313mi. today.

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