Where is Tim?

Sunday, May 7, 2023 11:05 AM

Friends, Family and anyone interested in Tim’s trek north to Anchorage Alaska.

As many of you already know, I’ve threatened to do this move many times and didn’t follow through for some reason or other. Alaska is where I grew up from age 10, -25. I like southern Calif.,, but the expense alone is enough to choke me out. My career in Photography and Digital Editing has pretty much died. Covid pandemic pretty much killed my clientele, not literally, but the business connections and opportunites have never recovered.


I want to be closer to family, to be a fuller Uncle Tim for a  while. I have one nephew and three nieces, a great niece and nephew too! I will continue my passion and style of photography and try to stay ahead of the evolving world of digital image editing. Even though it might just be for myself. Im hoping to get my hands dirty doing mechanical work as a hobby again.

So here I go! Want to try and have a running Blog of my where abouts on this trip. You should be able to connect through my web site siegertphoto.com or directly to Blog, http://www.siegertphoto.com/Blog/index.html

At the time of writing this post, Im attempting to start my journey on June 9th. Hoping to have my Harley strapped on the back of my Tacoma with other necessities for trip. Will be catching the Alaska Ferry on the 23rd from Bellingham WA. to Haines AK. to break most of the Canadian milage.

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